School Assemblies​

School Assemblies Designed to Raise Awareness & Create a Positive Culture

School Assemblies

Our assemblies are designed to raise awareness of and teach anti-bullying strategies. Students are encouraged that if they see something, say something when they know of situations that pose a danger to themselves or others. Teaching students the proper way to stand up against bullying behaviors, creates a kinder and safer school culture. 

Students and staff will receive a customized, engaging, and evidence-based presentation focused on achieving the outcomes defined by your school’s needs. We’ll work with you to understand your messaging goals and budget constraints. Our coordinator will pair your school with the perfect speaker/trainer for your event.


  • P.B.I.S – Positive Behavior Intervention Supports
  • Anti-bully
  • Improve student & staff outcomes
  • Empowering students’ mental wellness
  • Inspiring students to be leaders today
  • Online safety/cyberbullying
  • Student ambassador clubs
  • 4 C’s building relationships (staff training)
  • Resilience & grit (staff and students)
  • Avoid burnout and empower teachers 
  • Parent training & more

Contact us for a list of trainings for students, staff and parents.


Stand 4 Kind School Assemblies
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