School Assemblies​

School Assemblies Designed to Raise Awareness & Create a Positive Culture

School Assemblies

Our assemblies are designed to raise anti-bullying awareness, increase prevention, and encourage students to speak up when they know of situations that pose a danger to themselves or others.  Improving the culture at your school.

• Change the school culture by teaching empathy, respect, self-esteem, anti-bullying and acts of kindness

• Assembly programs and pep rallies are customized to each school’s needs.

• Use to encourage school safety programs that are already in place, or simply to promote kindness & raise awareness

• We work with sponsors and donors to keep the cost to schools at a minimum, helping schools provide quality programs to students even when budgets are tight

• Featuring nationally recognized presenters, entertainers, and motivational guest speakers.  Contact us to learn more and to customize an assembly program that meets your needs. 


Stand 4 Kind School Assemblies

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