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Create a Culture Where Kindness Rules

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There’s a problem in our schools: students are feeling abused, forgotten, and bullied. In Utah alone, there’s a student suicide once every 14 hours, with thousands more teetering on the edge. This has to change, and the change starts with us.
Stand 4 Kind provides a way to replace negativity with positivity, by bringing kind actions and feelings into schools everywhere.

Help students join the movement with our App, start tracking their
own kind actions, and earn incredible rewards for it!


For Schools

Shift your school culture toward kindness, empathy, and understanding with our assemblies.

For Kindness

The Find Kind App makes being kind easy. Shift your focus and earn rewards by downloading it today.

For Students

Make your school a place you’re proud of with Stand 4 Kind. Earn rewards, one kind act at a time!

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Spread Kindness On-The-Go!

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The Find Kind App

Report Acts of Kindness

Be rewarded for being kind. It's a win-win! Show an act of kindness, report it through our Find Kind app, get rewards, repeat! This app is the portal to a kinder world.


The Stand 4 Kind App

Acces Resources and Tools

The ultimate helpline. The Stand 4 Kind app gives schools, students, and parents easy access to various tools and resources to ensure a safe and positive environment for all.