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Stand 4 Kind has a twofold purpose: to create a culture of kindness in schools and
to provide every school with the tools to prevent student suicide. We stand with schools and individuals to spread positivity, inclusion, and value to all. We stand for kindness.

What Do You Stand 4?

Encourage Kindess in Your Schools

Now more than ever, students are in need of greater kindness in their schools and communities. Through our training assemblies for schools and our Find Kind App, we allow for a stronger movement toward a kinder world. If you are apart of a school's administration, fill out the form below to schedule an assembly for your school today!

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About The Program

We work with schools to customize a program that fits your needs. You can choose from our featured presenters and guest speakers to create an event that best speaks to your students. Use our assemblies to promote kindness, raise awareness, introduce safety initiatives, or to encourage use of programs your school already has in place. We’ll also help you take advantage of grants or sponsorship funding that may be available in your area. Fill out the form above to schedule your school's assembly! 

Stand 4 Kind App (1)

With innovative new tools for students, Stand 4 Kind provides every school with the training and technology they need to make schools kinder. Use our Find Kind app to report your acts of kindness and get rewarded for doing it! The Stand4Kind app is the ultimate resource and helpline to ensure a safe and positive environment for everyone. Download the apps by clicking the buttons below!