Student Ambassadors – Program

Student Ambassadors

S4K Crew’s

Ambassadors are trained in proven leadership techniques, empowering them to be advocates for change in their schools. They will set an example for their peers in creating a bully-free & kinder school by changing school culture. 

Our ambassador program gives students the opportunity to discover their true potential by developing interpersonal and leadership skills, increasing their self-confidence, and acquiring the motivation and ability to bring about change. Students will have the tools and training to reduce self-destructive behavior, and youth suicide, break the code of silence, increase knowledge of the warning signs, and decrease bullying.

▪ Self-expression and communication
▪ Team-building and small group facilitation skills
▪ Goal-setting and personal motivation
▪ Social responsibility
▪ Character building
▪ Leadership skills
▪ Anti-bullying prevention
▪ Suicide awareness: Break the code of silence
▪ Mindful training
▪ Restorative justice
▪ Conflict resolution
▪ Service projects
▪ Mental Health Awareness

Create a Stand4kind ambassadors’ team or integrate it into your school’s existing programs. 

Leadership Camps & State Ambassadors
Ambassadors are invited to attend our multi-day summer camps and join our state clubs.

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