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Student Ambassadors – Program

Student Ambassadors

S4K Crew’s

Ambassadors will be trained in world-class leadership techniques and will set the example for the rest of their peers in creating a bully-free & kinder school changing
school culture.

Evidence-based, Leadership, Bullying Prevention & Suicide Awareness Training
Create a Stand4kind ambassadors’ team or integrate it into existing school programs. Our program gives students the opportunity to discover their own potential by developing interpersonal and leadership skills, increasing their self-confidence and acquiring the motivation and ability to bring about change. Students will have the tools and training to reduce self-destructive behavior, youth suicide, break the code of silence, increase knowledge of warning signs and decrease bullying.

▪ Self-expression and communication
▪ Team-building and small group facilitation skills
▪ Goal-setting and personal motivation
▪ Social responsibility
▪ Character building
▪ Leadership skills
▪ Anti-Bullying prevention
▪ Suicide awareness-Break the code of silence
▪ Mindful training
▪ Restorative justice
▪ Conflict resolution
▪ Service projects
▪ Fun and more

Leadership camps & State Ambassadors
Ambassadors are invited to attend our 3 to 5 day summer camps and Join our state clubs. 

More Information

The ultimate helpline. The Stand 4 Kind app gives schools, students, and parents
easy access to various tools and resources to ensure a safe and positive environment for all.

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