Stand4Kind offers a comprehensive set of programs, training and tools that make a real impact in school culture. By teaching empathy, self-esteem and kindness, we provide a way for schools to reduce suicide and bullying among students and increase school safety.
Acts of Kindness-
Promote Positive Action
Our innovative program promotes positive attitudes by rewarding acts of kindness. Students share their acts of kindness online for a chance to win monthly prizes from our sponsors and partners.
S4K Crew – Student Ambassadors
As S4K student ambassadors, team members receive valuable leadership training in promoting kindness, plus suicide and anti-bullying awareness. Ambassador Teams work hands-on with their peers to promote positive changes in their school.
Assemblies & Events-
Raise Awareness
We organize assemblies, pep rallies, and concerts designed to promote a positive culture in your school and raise safety awareness. Choose from a variety of performers and guest speakers to create an event with a positive message that students won’t forget.
Stand4Kind Resource App
The Stand4Kind app gives schools, students, and parents easy access to various tools and resources to ensure a safe and positive environment for all. It is designed to train students on how to prevent and handle bullying and related issues. Students can use the reporting feature to receive one-on-one assistance from a counselor or have their case submitted to school personnel for follow up.
Prevention Training & Curriculum
Promote a safe and healthy school climate with anti-bullying training for students, parents, and teachers. Help students cultivate leadership skills, empathy and self-esteem. Give parents valuable guidance on what to do if their child is bullying others or is a victim. Train staff on PBIS Tier I/II/III, behavior interventions, data collection, and more.
FindKind App
The portal to a kinder world. With the FindKind App, students get rewarded for being kind ― it’s a win-win! Show an act of kindness, report it through our FindKind app, get rewards and repeat. FindKind is a fun way to help students track their kind choices and shift their focus from what’s wrong in their school to how they can make it better for everyone.