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Online Safety

How Adults Can Help Children Remain Safe Online

How Can Adults Help Children Remain Safe Online? While children are online and parents are feeling anxious about it, the question remains: how can adults help children remain safe online? Part of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic was the shift for children and learners everywhere from in-person classrooms to digital classes. Around one

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Current Events

New Year, New Rules.

  Kids everywhere area headed back to school for another exciting year of learning and growth. Here are some tips to help you manage screen time so kids can focus on school. Backpacks are packed, lunches are made and, to the simultaneous elation and sadness of parents everywhere, school is back in session. The kids

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Conflict Resolution

PBIS Tier 3: The final layer of PBIS

In our previous posts we introduced PBIS and the first two tiers of the PBIS support structure. The first tier, or the Universal Interventions, are global interventions. All students, school-wide, will be affected by Tier 1 interventions. Previously, we used the example of traffic violations to demonstrate Universal Interventions. In that example, the tier 1

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PBIS Tier 2: The next level of support

At the second level of our Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support, we take aim at the first group of students not supported by our Universal Interventions. Although posted speed limit signs are enough for most drivers, think of Tier 2 interventions as the occasional speed-trap. Speeding tickets, a consequence in and of themselves, are actually

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Bullying Prevention

PBIS Tier 1: Universal Interventions

What does the foundation of PBIS look like? For most drivers, the speed limit signs are enough to regulate speed. When we couple those types of signs with an attachment to the community that they are planted in, most people drive appropriately. Speed limit signs are an example of a universal intervention. They are a

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PBIS: A toolbox for teachers and schools

Think back to your time in school. Can you recall a time when discipline was used on the “class clown?” Try to remember when the student who struggled to control their behavior, or was often disruptive, was kicked out of class, or reprimanded. If you have a similar memory as I do, you are likely

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