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How will schools re-open?

There does not seem to be much of a question of if schools will re-open. They most certainly will. The question seems to be howschools will re-open. As a second resurgence of COVID-19 spreads across the country, with more than 3 Million people infected as of July 8th, and the highest 7-day average rate of

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Personality: The heart of diversity

Typically, when I hear conversations about diversity people are talking about one of a couple of things: race, sexual orientation, or religion. Other less-commonly talked about attributes along which people differ include culture, ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, education, geographic location, and even birthdays are assigned different astrological attributes. I happen to be a Taurus. Astrology

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The importance of community

Last week we talked about how important community is on the prevention of negative peer pressure. We explored the idea that the friends and parents of a young person play a significant role in determining many of the negative behaviors that might be present in their lives. For example, we know that young people are

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Coping Skills

Prevent negative peer pressure!

Young people are told all about the perils of peer pressure. Warnings abound regarding the nebulous yet omnipresent threat. And while I was told all about the importance of resisting the influences of my peers which were negative, I was not prepared for how inescapable the pull of that gravity would be. Peer pressure is

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Bullying Prevention

Why do young people bully?

One of the most common questions we hear while teaching about bullying is why do young people bully? Every parent and teacher would like to understand how a child is capable of bullying others. Even the term “bully” and “victim” are labels that we use to attempt to stick the guilty party in the corner

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Compassion = Empathy + Action

Empathy is a buzz word used in health care, business, education, the state of our political discourse, and every other place you find people trying to create better. Anti-bullying initiatives are built around it. Books are written on it. Former President Barack Obama repeatedly incorporated the idea of Empathy into his speeches. And while empathy

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