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Promote a safe and healthy school climate

Additional Training at Tiers 1–3


S4K training offers a full range of training and coaching to help school personnel learn research-based strategies to improve student behavior, structure all school settings for success, and enhance student motivation.

As with all S4K staff development, we tailor these trainings to fit your specific environment. One or more of these models might work for you:

  • One day—increase awareness of effective behavioral practices and provide a much-needed morale boost for staff.
  • Summer option—offer one- to four-day classes during the summer and save your district the cost of substitute teachers.
  • Take advantage of early-release days—S4K associates can observe classroom procedures in the morning and work with staff in the afternoon and as often as they like throughout the year.
  • Training for building and district-level coaches and supervisors—we train your staff to observe, coach, and mentor teachers in the application of effective classroom management strategies.
  • Train staff on PBIS Tier I/II/III, behavior interventions, data collection, and more.


S4K offers workshops and seminars on many topics. 

Managing the self-contained classroom for students with intensive needs

For special education teachers and administrators — explore effective strategies for a highly structured classroom and data-driven techniques to increase responsible behavior. Learn how to provide effective classroom services for students with intense behavioral needs.

Start class on time and reduce tardiness

For secondary school teachers, teacher assistants, and building administrators — eliminate tardiness and improve student behavior in hallways. Learn how to build staff collegiality, increase the level of coordinated hallway supervision, reduce the frequency of tardiness, regain instructional time lost to tardiness, improve school climate, and increase positive interactions between staff and students.

Managing playground behavior

For elementary school teachers, playground supervisors, and building administrators — investigate research-based methods you can use to create a manageable playground environment, teach playground behavior, increase consistency, and manage students with behavioral issues. Make your playground a safe and respectful place!

Providing leadership on behavior and discipline (training for principals and assistant principals)

For building administrators — examine the role of the principal in creating an effective culture and climate in a school. Determine how to meet the basic needs of students and teachers, work with resistant staff, sustain progress across the years, coach teachers in classroom management, and develop a school-wide (or districtwide) plan.

Assisting the teacher (training for paraprofessionals)

For classroom assistants or aides and their supervisors — learn how to be a part of the school team, manage student behavior, supervise common areas, supervise independent work periods, and lead small groups or individuals. Based on ParaPro: Supporting the Instructional Process, this course gives your paraprofessionals the information they need to provide effective support throughout the school.

Managing behavior on the school bus 

For school bus drivers, teachers, and transportation supervisors — learn what the building administrator, classroom teacher, and bus driver can accomplish by working together to improve student behavior on the ride to and from school. Improve student behavior, increase student safety, and create a better social climate on the bus with In the Driver’s Seat training. This program provides guidance on what to do if a child is bullying others or is a victim. 

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